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Welcome to our church

As you visit our website you will be touched by what God can do with you and me when we surrender our lives to Him. You will understand that God has been moving in your life even when you were not aware.
Our website will encourage you to know that you are unique and God has unique purpose with your life. You will come to understand you were created to fulfil a destiny and that why your are unique and strategically placed to fulfil that purpose young people are at heart in our ministry. We belief before the devil messes with their life we can rescue them. We can teach them mentor them and God will find vessels he will use in their generation. I thank God for saving my life at the time when He did, protected me and brought me that far.
The Theme of our ministry is taken from 2Tim2:2, " 2 And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also."
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Our Mission Statement

- Individually and collectively we will seek to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ and take His love and power to our community and the world by:
- Winning the lost to Christ
- Building them up in faith
- Helping them to discover their calling
- Equipping them to minister
- Deploying them for service


“Raising Faithful men and women for Kingdom expansion”

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Meet Our Pastors

Rev. Dr. Julius Muiruri Senior Pastor 
Rev. Dr. Joyce Muiruri Pastor 
God has called us to be faithful to Him so that we can pass the truths He has entrusted us to other faithful men who will do the same.

Praise and worship is the centre in the ministry. The time we come to God in Praise and adoration to our Master and King. It is from Him we draw living water direction and the strength to accomplish what He has called us to do.

I pray that as you navigate our site, you will find information and resources that will help & bless your life...

Thank you for visiting this website and trust that you will find refreshing, inspiring, informative and your will find bread for your soul.

You can learn more who we are EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH INTERNATIONAL, and what we stand for I pray for God’s blessing upon your life in Jesus Name.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Julius K. Muiruri - Founder Bishop & General Overseer